About Wren Ecology

Wren Ecology is an independent ecological consultancy represented by Liza Hollinghurst and based in Cheltenham. Liza has over fifteen years professional experience as an Ecological Consultant; being previously employed in in the consulting market sector and having worked with a wide range of clients. She is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) –…

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Ecological Assessment

Whether you need an ecological site assessment for a domestic or commercial planning application, Wren Ecology can produce a range of assessments to suit your requirements: Preliminary Ecological Assessment; Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA); Site-Specific Mitigation Measures; and Construction Ecological Management Plan (CEcMP). A report will be produced after completion of the site appraisal, which can be used…

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Habitat Surveys

Wren Ecology can offer the following habitat surveys to its clients to support their planning applications and other requirements: Phase 1 Habitat Survey: A ‘Phase 1 Habitat Survey’ records the wildlife habitats (both urban and rural) and vegetation that a site supports, through an industry-approved classification technique that includes colour mapping of the survey site. This survey…

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Species Surveys

Wren Ecology can offer the following species surveys to its clients: Great crested newt Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) and species survey; Badger survey and sett closure; Reptile (adder, grass snake, common lizard and slow-worm) surveying and translocation; and Otter and water vole survey.   All surveys are carried out within their optimal months and comply with professionally…

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Site Supervision

With over ten years experience as both an Ecological Clerk of Works (EcCoW) and Environmental Clerk of Works (ECoW), and as a full accredited member of The Association of Environmental & Ecological Clerks of Works (AEECoW) – the qualifying body for both EcCow and ECoW roles, Wren Ecology is well placed to offer these services for clients requiring site…

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Email Contact Form

If you would like to discuss your project requirements, have any queries or to request a no-obligation quote free of charge, please fill in the below email contact form and Wren Ecology will contact you.

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